Pasta House

Founded in 1994 by the man himself Ennio, and his lovely wife Rosa, Ennio's Pasta House is the best spot in Kitchener & Waterloo to grab some authentic Italian cuisine. Yes, I'm absolutely biased because my relationship with them dates back to my Laurier University days when I worked there as a bartender. At the risk of dating myself, I think it says a lot about Ennio's commitment to family and community that I'm still a part of it some twenty years later. If you're lucky, you might even catch me there on a Saturday evening, mixing up a negroni or two.

The Challenge

We've been through a lot together. It all started off with the need to modernize the website and has since evolved into so much more. The pandemic has been especially tough on restaurants, and many mom and pop spots were forced to close their doors for good. Ennio's as a brand though, was pretty agile and as such was able to adapt quickly to the unpredictable nature of the times.


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Here are some of the highlights:

Website Design

Family is at the core of everything Ennio’s. Ennio started this business with with his family, and it was in how he built this community with that in mind. It was important to convey this theme throughout the new design, while providing a simple and easy to navigate user interface, and capturing the essence of the authentic Italian dining experience Ennio’s guests have come to love and enjoy.

Community First

Your business is only going to be as effective as your communication. It’s in everything from written copy to visual identity, to how you foster the relationships you form. A website is the centrepiece of how you communicate with your community. Everything else is an extension of it, so it needs to be consistent, engaging, and easy to use.

The New Normal

Is anyone else tired of hearing that yet? Anyway, things have changed, and you can expect them to remain turbulent for the foreseeable future. The businesses that are flexible and can adapt quickly, can still thrive in times like these. The pandemic has been especially hard on restaurants, and even some pretty notable ones have closed their doors for good. Ennio's, being a mom and pop kind of joint, doesn't have corporate overlords who can bail them out when times get tough, but just like Vin Diesel, they've got family. Our family is resilient and creative, and if there's one thing restaurant folk are known for, it's thinking quick on their feet. We've been able to pivot quickly along side government closures and restrictions, optimize our take out and online ordering procedures, which has helped us keep more people employed, and a whole lot of bellies full.


One thing that makes Ennio's special, is the variety of unique and authentic Italian dishes. Being able to show this on the Ennio's website, social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, our online delivery platform, and third party integrations like Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats, has been really beneficial, especially during the pandemic.
Ennio's Pasta House Website Design Project Kitchener Waterloo Food Photography

Kind words
from the Family

Having our website updated was something we had been putting off for years. The restaurant industry is fast-paced, and that keeps us pretty busy. However, after my first conversation with Ken, he assured me that the transition process would be smooth and effortless on our end, and sure enough, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were confident putting this in Ken’s hands, and we trusted him to do right by us. Family is at the heart of our restaurant’s culture, and I felt that our website should be a personalized reflection of just that. Ken really took the time to portray the things that are important to us, and to create an authentic representation of our family; something that Ennio himself would be proud of. Ken was patient, considerate, and professional, and he delivered exactly what we wanted, in the time frame we wanted it in. For anyone who has been thinking about investing in a website, or updating their existing website, Ken is definitely someone worth having a conversation with.

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