I'm Ken, and I aim to make you think about things, in ways you haven't before.
The way your brand interacts with world matters, and I'll give you the tools and strategies to help you connect with your audience in authentic and meaningful ways.

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Design can make or break how your audience experiences your brand. You need to get and keep their attention. Otherwise, how else are they supposed to hear all the great things you have to say?


The devil's in the details. Cross your T's, and dot your I's, and let's see how your brand stacks up against the competition; And more importantly, how it can stand out from the competition.


Are you telling a story that they want to be a part of? If not, you should be. Building a narrative should be at the core of branding your company. People want something to believe in.

What clients are saying

Anne maaden Spa

"I don't think I could say enough good things about my experience working with Ken! I was so lost trying to find a web designer who would take the time to know me and my business well enough to design a beautiful website. Ken took so much care, thought and time to give me what I had envisioned for so long but could not do myself. He is extremely efficient, great at time management and was never someone I had to follow up with. As a small business owner, we do so much, and it's the greatest feeling to meet people you can rely on to take over the tasks you can't do yourself. Ken is always available to speak with when I have changes or questions and he goes out of his way to make sure I'm happy with his work. Anyone choosing to work with Ken will not be disappointed. I highly recommend his services!"

Natalie VanderMaaden
~ Anne Maaden Spa ~


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Whether you're rebranding or just starting up, this step by step program will ensure all of your bases are covered.

See how your brand stacks up against the competition, and how you can communicate more effectively with your audience.

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Take control of your online presence. This is your opportunity to define yourself online, so let's take full advantage of it.

Graphic design for all of your marketing ventures, whether they live online, or out in the physical world.

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Client Care

Protect your investment. Staying on top of software updates, security threats, and making minor content changes upon request.

SEO is essential to your business’ success. Every local business needs to have a website that is optimized for local search results.

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Ennio's Pasta House

"The restaurant industry is fast-paced, and that keeps us pretty busy. However, after my first conversation with Ken, he assured me that the transition process would be smooth and effortless on our end, and sure enough, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were confident putting this in Ken’s hands, and we trusted him to do right by us. Family is at the heart of our restaurant’s culture, and I felt that our website should be a personalized reflection of just that. Ken really took the time to portray the things that are important to us, and to create an authentic representation of our family; something that Ennio himself would be proud of. Ken was patient, considerate, and professional, and he delivered exactly what we wanted, in the time frame we wanted it in. For anyone who has been thinking about investing in a website, or updating their existing website, Ken is definitely someone worth having a conversation with."

Angelina Lowry
~ Ennio's Pasta House ~


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