Natalie Maaden

Strange Times
The pandemic has been trying for us all, but industries that rely on face to face interaction have been hit harder than most. We had just completed a rebrand which involved a responsive logotype, new colours and type, and a brand new website, so the timing couldn't have been worse for Natalie and her team. We were able to start thinking differently about the business, and focused on finding new was to serve her community. This included DIY kits, creating an online shop, and initiating a membership program.

I don't think I could say enough good things about my experience working with Ken! I was so lost trying to find a web designer who would take the time to know me and my business well enough to design a beautiful website. Ken took so much care, thought and time to give me what I had envisioned for so long but could not do myself. He is extremely efficient, great at time management and was never someone I had to follow up with. As a small business owner we do so much and it's the greatest feeling to meet people you can rely on to take over the tasks you can't do yourself. Ken is always available to speak with when I have changes or questions and he goes out of his way to make sure I'm happy with his work. Anyone choosing to work with Ken will not be disappointed. I highly recommend his services!

~ Natalie Vandermaaden,

Natalie Maaden Spa

Steele Bros

Without access to the original site files, we basically had to start a new website over from scratch. This was a great opportunity to turn the site into something much more than just pretty pictures. A website is not only where you get to define yourself online, it’s also a hub for communicating with your clients. We improved the user experience fo the website by making it responsive across all web and mobile devices, and we added strategic contact process to ensure that when customers reached out, they could do so from a more informed position, which helped smooth out their quoting process. Your website needs to be more than just good looking. It needs to help you solve some problems too.

Working with Ken was fantastic! Our website had been hacked really badly and needed to be redone from scratch. Ken took the time to see if it could be fixed and when we figured it could not, he took the time to meet with us to understand exactly what we wanted out of a website. He learned about what we do as a manufacturing company and how we operated, which is very important when creating something that represents a company. He understands that making a website to represent a company or a person needs to not only look great (which ours does), but easy to navigate for anyone. I think most importantly for me was, he took the time to listen to what, I as a customer, wanted the outcome to be. I learned from him about websites and he was very easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Ken!

~ Michelle Hunter,

Steele Bros

True Nature

Starting on the right foot
Heather is lovely soul, who has found a way to bring helping people and her love of nature together. In order to grow her practice with the right clientele, it was essential that her personality and values shone through in every aspect of True Nature Wilderness Therapy's identity design.

5 stars aren't enough to celebrate Ken Braithwaite and Ethos Design. His work is FAST, his work is GREAT, and it's all about YOU. I couldn't be more thrilled with the website Ken built for my counselling practice (True Nature Wilderness Therapy) - and the crazy part was, I didn't even know I needed it until I had it. If you're considering growing or transitioning your business and want to up-level, and to tell your story so others can truly hear it, reach out to Ken - his genius is making the intangible tangible, and moving an idea to action - gently and with great skill.

~ Heather Hendrie,

True Nature Wilderness Therapy

Pasta House

La Famiglia
The Restaurant industry is another one that's been hit hard by the pandemic, specially in Ontario. I've had a long term relationship with the business and the family, and it's very dear to my heart. In order to keep up with the ever changing pandemic protocols, we've worked hard to stay on top of best practices, and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our community. We were able to streamline the takeout and delivery processes, which included adding online ordering to the website, and helped our customers truly support local.

Having our website updated was something we had been putting off for years. The restaurant industry is fast-paced, and that keeps us pretty busy. However, after my first conversation with Ken, he assured me that the transition process would be smooth and effortless on our end, and sure enough, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were confident putting this in Ken’s hands, and we trusted him to do right by us. Family is at the heart of our restaurant’s culture, and I felt that our website should be a personalized reflection of just that. Ken really took the time to portray the things that are important to us, and to create an authentic representation of our family; something that Ennio himself would be proud of. Ken was patient, considerate, and professional, and he delivered exactly what we wanted, in the time frame we wanted it in. For anyone who has been thinking about investing in a website, or updating their existing website, Ken is definitely someone worth having a conversation with.

~ Angelina Lowry,

Ennio's Pasta House

Herbs & Honey

À La Carte
Lynne is a classically trained chef with a passion for healthy living. Her business is actually pretty fascinating. She spends a fair bit of her time teaching online cooking classes at places like Google. When she's not doing that she's planning and executing intimate dining experiences. Imagine having your own on call, personal chef. We worked together to build a brand that would resonate with her audience, while at the same time baking the functionality and processes to ensure her busy work life runs smoothly.

I have truly enjoyed working with Ken at Ethos Design. Ken is an incredibly talented web designer and business strategist. He walked me through his process to clearly define my brand and managed all of my marketing pieces. He has created a brand that I love and am so very proud of!

~ Lynne Zimmerman,

Herbs & Honey

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