We’ve got a bit of a situation…

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So things got a little out of hand this week in my little design world. As you might guess, my laptop and I are pretty much attached at the hip, so when the screen decided to conk out this past Sunday with multiple deadlines looming the next day, I was scrambling to find a solution.

My first and best hope was to take it to the Apple store, where I found out the earliest appointment would be at least a week away. They were kind enough to let me know that if I showed up first thing Monday morning, there was a strong chance I'd be able to speak to someone. Looking at other options first, I got in touch with my good friend Cass, a certified Mac wizard (and budding photographer) who couldn't fix the issue, but did find out that there was a recall on my screen for an unrelated issue, yet one that would solve all of my problems.

Fast forward to Monday morning as I 'm lined up in front of the Apple store for my chance to jump the line. I finally speak to someone who runs a diagnostic and tells me that everything else is fine, and I can run the laptop on a secondary monitor (which I did for a couple of days, but was wildly inconvenient), and that there was another potential solution.

The Apple Joint Venture program. So, after some research I decided to enrol, and wow, what a great choice. So many geniuses attending to my every need. Joint venture members have priority access to support, which is awesome when you get in to this exact situation. My entire livelihood depends on my laptop these days. As a web designer I can't just be without it for 5-7 business days. Here's the sweet bit, if your laptop ends up in the shop for any bit of time, they'll provide you with a courtesy laptop, and it's the hot new freshness.




If they think they're getting this thing back, they're in for a rude awakening.

Seriously, what a beauty.

I know it's only temporary, and I'm going to end up loving it and leaving it, but I definitely know what my next major purchase (business related of course...) will be. I can't say enough about how friendly everyone was at the Apple store in Waterloo, and how quick and painless this transition has been (once I calmed down and stopped losing my mind...).

Anyway, if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, don't waste your time, check out the joint venture program at Apple. It saved my bacon, and it probably will again.

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