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Chris Do

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, founder, and CEO of Blind, Inc., where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company. Mr. Do currently serves on the board and is an advisor for organizations including AIGA/LA, Emmys Motion & Title Design Peer Group, Otis Board of Governors, Saleshood, Santa Monica College and Woodbury University. He received his …


Chris Do & Marty Neumeier Talk about Branding

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Blair Enns

CEO, Win Without Pitching | Author, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour.

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Win Without Pitching

If you’re starting your own creative business, you need to read this. Business has always been tough on creatives, and this read will teach you how to not only understand and command value, but also how to price it. Most creative agencies describe business as a roller coaster. They fumble through a loose sales process, donate their best thinking, and …

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Talk Triggers

Word of mouth is directly responsible for 19% of all purchases, and influences as much as 90%.  Every human on earth relies on word of mouth to make buying decisions. Yet even today, fewer than 1% of companies have an actual strategy for generating these crucial customer conversations.  Talk Triggers provides that strategy in a compelling, relevant, timely book that can be put into practice immediately, by any business.

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Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier, Director of CEO Branding at Liquid Agency, is the grandfather of Brand Strategy. He’s authored several books on the topic, such as The Brand Gap, Zag, and The Brand Flip. Essential reading for anyone who works where business intersects with design. He’s currently running the first-ever certification & training program for Brand Strategists!

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The Futur

Based in Santa Monica, California, Chris Do and his band of Super Humans, dedicate their time and effort to giving away all of their best secrets. If you’re a designer, or in any way involved in the business of design, you need to check this out. The value resting in this labyrinth of knowledge and strategy is unparalleled.