Isn't a name, a logo, or a tagline. In fact, it isn't any one thing or group of things that you use to tell people about yourself.


Isn't a name, a logo, or a tagline. In fact, it isn't any one thing or group of things that you use to tell people about yourself.

It's the gut feeling people have about your product, organization, or service

It's less about what you say your brand is, but more about what they say it is. In other words, your brand is shaped by the experiences others have with you and your work.

~ Marty Neumeier

What does this mean for you

It means you don't control your brand, which is no doubt a haunting revelation, but not to worry you can influence it with every word you speak, and every action to take.

The truth is that now, more than any other time in recent history, we're all on a level playing field. Large corporations with even larger marketing budgets share the market with small businesses and start-ups, and it's anybody's game.

Long story short,
It means

You Can Win

How I can help

You may think, “I already have a business plan, so I’m set.” Wrong. It might help to think of a Business Plan as something that offers an answer to the question of “what” and “how” while a Brand Platform answers the “why” and “who.”


It all starts with you. What you do, how you do it, and most importantly, why you do it. Today's consumer is far more invested in having experiences than owning material things. They connect with like-minded people and want to be a part of something worth believing in. Is that you? It most certainly could be with a little creative support and collaboration.


What makes brand design truly special, is that there is no one size fits all type of solution. Every individual, company, and industry faces unique challenges, and therefore unique solutions are necessary. How you choose to communicate with your audience is paramount in influencing how your brand is received, and ultimately your capacity for success.


Design is much more than just how things look. It has a lot to do with how things work, and most importantly how we communicate with each other. Great design is how we encourage others to believe in and support us. It's how we trigger emotional connections with those who follow us and share our purpose in life.

Rumour has it

Victoria Givlin

Ken is phenomenal with his authenticity in his design. What I love about his creativity and professionalism is his approach to his brand creation. He works with you diligently and asks relevant questions to really dive deeper into what sets you apart. He brings your ideas to life in a dynamic and relevant way that easily attracts clients to your cause. I have appreciated his guidance along my brand strategy journey and I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy his approach. If you're looking to design a lasting brand with a website that attracts the target market you're looking for, look no further because you've found the right gentleman.

~ Victoria Givlin,


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