"When enough individuals arrive at the same gut feeling, a company can be said to have a brand."

~ Marty Neumeier, Author of The Brand Gap


Marketing = Branding + Advertising
Let's start by clearing up any misconceptions we have about branding. Think of it this way. Good communication shapes itself from the inside out. If you're not clear on who you are, what you do, and who you do it for, your message will be out of alignment, and it will be unlikely to resonate with the people it's meant to. At that point, no matter how many advertising dollars you throw at it, it will never achieve its full potential.


The Full Branding Experience.
Starting at $10K

It's not about being everything to everyone, but rather it's about being something to someone. Everything from your name and logo, to your website, social media, and traditional marketing materials works together to tell your story. This 3 stage endeavour will provide you with a strong foundation to grow and thrive.


Once you have established a clear understanding of why it is you do what you do, who you do it for and how to grow that relationship, you can really begin to communicate from a place of alignment and authenticity.


Identity Design.
Much like how body language accounts for over half of our communication, the choices we make about design elements like colour, type, imagery, and even our tone of voice, says a heck of a lot about us.


Touch points.
Whether it's your website, social media, an in store transaction, or even a conversation between customers about your brand, you can and should craft how these personal interactions are experienced.

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