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Bert Jacobs at TEDxBeaconStreet

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Every now and again, I come across a video on YouTube, that really puts things in perspective. I think that more and more these days, your success in business, especially small business and solopreneurship, attitude makes all the difference. If you’re just out to make a buck or take advantage of people to squeeze a little profit out of them, you’re always going to struggle. And maybe, rightly so. On the other hand, if you’re putting people first, you give before you take, and you aim to inspire people and lift them up, then I think you’re heart’s in the right place; right where it needs to be.

This video talks about being drawn to being optimistic, and how optimistic messaging lead to discuss despite Bert and his Brother’s lack of business acumen. This Life is Good t-shirt business blew up and lead to other ventures, all of which creates awareness and support children in need. All of them are rooted in leading with kindness. There are quite a few gems in here that are sure to impact the way you see the world. From a branding and business development point of view, perhaps the biggest takeaway is that if you focus on the relationships, lead with kindness, and actively listen to what you’re audience is saying, it allows you to make what you do a little more meaningful. Who knows, maybe this something you bring up in your own Ted Talk.

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